We received a lovely customer review forwarded to us by our friends at Tofino Travel. Check it out below:

“August 2015, one of the most memorable vacations of my life. From the water, the amazing weather and the magical warmth that remains after. From my first encounter with Drew, hanging around with Surf Sisters and Nicole, there was always a good laugh and fun conversation. The knowledge and passion that everyone displays gives me goosebumps even now.

After 5 days, I felt confident on my board, confident about a larger trip I am undertaking and have every tool needed to continue learning. The mornings with Nicole, were the perfect set up for the day, the lessons covered questions I never thought to ask and the afternoons full of learning and fun adventures. Even months later, there is that support and community to go back to should you have any doubts.

There was not a moment that I did not feel at home, completely relaxed and never bored. The moment it came to having to leave, I sat waiting for the bus, planning how I could come back as soon as possible.”

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