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Surf Lessons FAQs

Let's face it. You probably know little about surfing and have no idea what to expect. Hopefully we cover all your curious questions here. And if not, don't hesitate to contact us! There are no stupid questions.

Our instructors come back year after year to work at Surf Sister. A majority have been teaching surfing for 5 or more years! To us this is not just a fun job. It’s the opportunity for us to share what we absolutely love and live for. We take things seriously - in an educational, entertaining manner. Our goal isn’t just to take you surfing. It’s to show you how to BE a surfer. We teach you everything you need to know to feel safe and confident out there so that you can continue to surf on your own if you desire! All our instructors adhere to the standards set by the BCASI and we are the only surf school in Canada to be certified by the National Surf Schools and Surf Instructors Association (www.nssia.org) Oh. And read the Testimonials. Clearly we’re damn good. Haha!

Being nervous is healthy and expected, especially if you’re new to surfing! A few things that may ease your nerves…Surf Sister programs are designed with the beginner in mind with us there to educate you and keep you safe along the way. It’s our job to help you feel comfortable and confident and have fun out there!... You will spend your time standing in waist deep water catching the waves when they are already broken. So no need to worry if you’re a little fearful of the deep open ocean… Nervousness can often turn into excitement. Just saying… Still nervous? Talk to us! We are happy to help in whatever way we can..

So here’s the thing. Surfing is an extreme sport, and IT’S HARD! Lets face it. When in your life do you go from lying on your belly straight up to your feet. This is a foreign movement to most people and takes some practice. We do our best to give you as many pointers to get you ‘popping up’ during your lesson. And for some it comes natural, the movement is easy and it happens right away. For others it can take weeks. But surfing isn’t just about standing up! It’s about getting comfortable in the waves. Catching waves on your own. Feeling the speed, excitement and the power of the ocean. The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun!

Nope. We love taking everyone surfing! As long as you’re 6 or older.

Your bathing suit and a towel to make changing in and out of your wetsuit easy. Waterproof sunscreen for your face and hands so you don’t get bad tan lines. Water and snacks (feel free to give your instructor some) plus a dry underwear for you to change into after your lesson. You will be leaving everything in your car while you go surf so need to bring a backpack.

A bathing suit, or underwear/boxers/sports bra are best. Board shorts work fine, though are sometimes bulky so smaller shorts or SPEEDOS are great!

It’s not safe to wear glasses or goggles while surfing as there is a chance of the board hitting them and doing nasty damage. We suggest wearing contacts. The chance of them falling out is slim. If you don’t have contacts you can wear your glasses down to the beach for our safety talk and leave them in our first aid kit while you go in the water.

We’ve got safe secret hiding spots for those :)

We decide the location of the lesson the day of based on the conditions. The most likely spots are Cox Bay (approximately 7km from the town of Tofino), South Chesterman (approximately 5km from the town of Tofino), or North Chesterman (approximately 4km from the town of Tofino).

You’re responsible for getting yourself to and from the beach. We will transport the gear. If you don’t have a vehicle we can try to get you a ride with another student or call you a cab (cost is about $20 each way). In the summer there is a free public bus that stops at all the local beaches (www.tofinobus.com). There are also lots of places to rent bikes in town.

Yes! We are open year round. Don’t tell anyone. The water doesn’t actually get THAT cold in Tofino in the winter. And we have all the gear you need to keep you toasty warm no matter what the conditions are. Please note that in the winter the conditions can be big and stormy increasing the chances of a lesson being canceled. If the winds are extremely strong or the conditions are too EXTREME and class is cancelled due to the weather, we can reschedule it for another time or give you a gift certificate.

What are you? Made of sugar!? Hate to break it to you, but you’re going to get wet in the ocean anyways! Also, rain is often ideal for surfing as it usually means the wind is blowing offshore, which is the best winds for surfing. The only reason we would cancel a class is if the winds are extremely strong or the conditions are too EXTREME. If a class is cancelled due to the weather, we can reschedule it for another time or give you a gift certificate.