The Queen of the Peak is an annual all Women's Surf Championships created by Surf Sister and Shelter Restaurant.

This 3 day contest is all about showcasing and celebrating the amazing female talent we have on the west coast. Women from all over show up to be part of this event, inspiring, encouraging and celebrating their love for surfing, the ocean and the community.

Thanks to the generous support of Billabong, the Wickaninnish Inn, Pacific Sands, Wildside Grill, Ocean Village,  and other local businesses the contest has grown into a three day event held over the first weekend in October. For more photos and previous results check out the contest website

2019 Results

Short Board

  1. Mathea Olin (Tofino)

  2. Bethany Zelasko (California)

  3. Sanoa Olin (Tofino)

  4. Leah Dawson (Florida/Hawaii)

Long Board       

  1. Leah Dawson (Florida/Hawaii)

  2. Mathea Olin (Tofino)

  3. Kristy Murphy (Florida)

  4. Sanoa Olin (Tofino)

Princess of the Peak (under 16yr)

  1. Keanna Hasz (Tofino)

  2. Aqua Bruhwiler (Tofino)

  3. Serena Porter (Tofino)

  4. Chloe Platenius (Tofino)

2018 Highlights

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