Once you're a Surf Sister, you're always a Surf Sister!

Year after year, staff come back to be part of this amazing 'family'. They are inspiring, strong, independent, confident ladies who do what they love and love what they do.

Check them out! Send them snailmail. Give them treats. It's the simple things that gets them excited.


Krissy (AKA Surf Momma)

The mother hen. Inspiration to all. Story teller extraordinaire.
This girl has passion, drive and and dedication. She works hard and pours her heart and soul into supporting her staff, friends, family and the community. She's the best boss and friend you could ever ask for.
Talk to anyone about Krissy and they'll light up and probably have a story or two to share.
She knows how to have a good time. Kills it on her single fin. And has your back whenever the going gets tough.
Knowing her is an honor.


Born and bred in land-locked Winchester, England, this girl is always making up for lost time in the ocean. She first tried surfing with her family in Cornwall at the age of 16 and was immediately hooked. Sophie has travelled a lot of amazing places including Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka but for the last two years she has been living in the sunny Algarve region in Portugal working at a surf camp. Sophie is an adventurer who loves to explore, ski, paint, and eat chocolate when she isn’t in the water. She says she loves surfing because it makes her happy. If you see her in the water she will always be smiling. Sophie can’t wait to share her love of the water with you!


Our English mate. She loves horses, adventuring, traveling, dirt biking, golfing, fighting fires and playing guitar. Especially her air guitar. Ask her to show you her Alice Cooper imitation! She’s been surfing since she was 19 – and is more or less pro. She did win the Womens Longboard Division in the 2015 Tofino Ripcurl Pro after all.
When not in Tofino, you’ll find her traveling or off leading our Surf Sister Abroad Camps in Central America, putting a smile on every surfer-in-training’s face with her killer corny jokes and infectious positive attitude. A Surf Sister since 2005, and a proud permanent resident of Canada since 2013, she’s not going anywhere! And we’re glad. Because she kicks butt not only in the water and as an instructor, but as a friend, and sister. We are lucky to have her!


Anne-Lise is from Edinburgh, Scotland!! Believe it or not, the water is even colder there than it is in Tofino winter, so she is always the first one to get in the water on a cold day. She is an avid skiier and snowboarder who just spent her first winter in Canada and is now excited to call Tofino her new home. Anne-Lise is a natural born teacher and has worked as a wakeboard instructor all over the world including the Greek island Zakynthos. She has some very wise words about surfing “No matter how good you get as a surfer, the ocean will always keep you humble and grounded”. Staying true to her roots some of her favorite things include writing, drawing, collecting stones and listening to bagpipes during a sunset!


Elizabeth has always been a water baby, spending her childhood swimming in rivers and lakes. While traveling, she came to know the ocean and became deeply curious about surfing. She took her first lesson in Byron Bay but decided to make Tofino her home break and these are the waves that have shaped her. Liz always wants to remember what is was like to be a beginner and how to simply have fun! For her, surfing is a lifelong journey where there is always something to learn and discover. She believes that no one is ever too old to start surfing (or do anything), and loves it because it is like a dance on the water. Liz is also a yoga instructor, plant based chef and volunteers with the SurfRider Foundation!


Saying she loves surfing is an understatement. She loves everything about from the sports side to the lifestyle. Originally from Alberta, Alyssa felt like a fish out of water until she found Tofino and surfing 14 years ago. She fell in love immediately after her first surf lesson with Surf Sister and remembers wanting to be a Surf Sister ever since. She got her chance in 2016 when she moved to the west coast to become a lady charger in the surf. Alyssa loves the supportive girl power of the area and finds Surf sister an empowering place to work. She finds so much joy in sharing her passion, and hope to show others that they can follow their dreams and embrace their quirky selves. Alyssa teaches yoga and finds it a great addition to her instruction of surfing.  She also plays guitar, hikes and loves laying out in the sun like a little lizard! Her favorite snacks are cookies.


If you are looking for a good time, track down this beauty by following the echoes of her contagious laugh. This girl pours her heart into making sure anyone that walks through the doors at Surf Sister has a good experience and surf lesson. She cares so much about surfing, we are certain she wants you to enjoy it as much as she does. Tiffany inspires us all to be better surfers with her early morning surfs almost every dang day and her yoga practise that keeps her shreddin'. She is the queen of the big hugs and and if you need it she'll pet your head like a cat. We love her almost as much as  she loves birds.



Lydia is our most dedicated, determined surfer. She began while traveling in Costa Rica and Nicaragua in 2014 and in only a few years has gone from a newby to a ‘pro’. This girls got beautiful style, can walk up and down her longboard with grace and has great control.
Originally from Quebec, Tofino stole her heart in 2015. She fits right in at Surf Sister where she loves the fact that everyone can fully just be themselves, in the craziest way possible with no need to play it cool.
Find her out in the water any opportunity that she gets practicing and refining her technique in hopes to make it to the finals and win some competitions in the near future! If you see her out there, be sure to cheer her on!


Kate O

Our Surf Sister shack mama! Kate has a contagious personality and if you are lucky enough to take a lesson from our Surf Shack location, you were probably greeted by her big smile, her epic tales from her extensive travels and of course - Salty D, our favorite furry shop mascot. Kate makes surfing fun, and she looks freaking cute and badass doing it. We hope you get to meet Kate one of these days, because she is just so great, Surf Sister wouldn’t be the same without her.


Isabel is our super-star sanctions compliance analyst turned surf instructor. After coming to Tofino for one summer to give surfing a go, she got hooked on the great vibes, surf culture, and epic people! Originally from Vancouver with a pit stop studying in California, Isabel is now living the Vancouver Island dream splitting her time between surfing, skiing, and being the PUNNiest surf instructor in town! She is a new yoga instructor and a Tofino brewery afficionado. Isabel always has something encouraging to say, and does so with a BIG smile.


We love this girl! She is super creative and is always working on her next piece of art (usually surf focused). This east coast lifeguard turned surfer girl is the perfect example of what it means to be a sister. She always has our backs, willing to lend a hand every single time. She also gets very excited about surfing, which we like a lot. We should all try to be a bit more like Kirsten.


Our resident surf photographer and mermaid! This girl rocks! She is the one you see out in the water with her fins, camera and a full-time smile. Always sitting with a brain freeze waiting for that perfect shot. All the awesome surf photos you see on our website are from this little lady. She has the sweetest personality and her laugh lights up the whole room!



This girls knows how to have a good time. When she isn’t out surfing she is shredding the skate park on her second favorite board. She loves brewing Kombucha or cooking vegan treats for all her friends (you know this is important to us at Surf Sister). She is full of awkward dad jokes with little snippets of wisdom thrown in when you least expect it. Jorden teaches Yoga at Tofino Yoga, so catch a surf lesson and then join her at a yoga class to unwind afterwards!


Camille is the firecracker of the surf sisters. This hot tamale is A LOT of personality wrapped in a small package. She is always there to cheer you up and bring a smile to your face with all her adventures (and sometimes misadventures). We met Camille when we went to Sri Lanka on a staff trip and told her she had to come back to Canada to be our surf sister! Best decision we ever made!


Originally from North Vancouver Olivia has always had a strong connection with the ocean. Even though she moved to Ottawa at a young age, the inland life couldn't suppress her natural love for the water. Thankfully Ontario is full of lakes! She become a competitive swimmer, lifeguard, swimming instructor, and musician/singer. Now back on the west coast in university for Classical Voice performance, she has both the ocean and singing. If there was such a thing as a mermaid crossed with a angel it would be Olivia. She started surfing at age 14 and has surfed on 3 different continents and in 5 different countries. She is so excited to be teaching and learning more about surfing as a surf sister.


The token Aussie. Jo was born and bred by the ocean and has never strayed far from it. After spending a few years photographing for Rip Curl back home she packed her bags and headed across the seas. Bee-lining for Tofino as soon as she got to Canada she quickly fell in love with the place and hasn’t left since. Loud as they come, you’ll often hear her before you see her, She runs, swims, surfs and hikes up anything she can find…usually all in the same day. Find her out in the line up, with a giant smile, whistling her friends into bombs!