The year: 1999.
The vision: To encourage more women to try surfing and to have them feel less intimidated and included out in the water.
It began: With a truck, a few boards and a cell phone (yes cell phones existed in 1999).

Fast forward to today and not only will you often find as many women surfing in Tofino as men, but Surf Sister is the biggest all female instructor surf schools in the world. With over 30 staff, us girls love what we do, do what we love and it shows.

Once you become a Surf Sister, you’re always a Surf Sister. Year after year you will often find the same smiling, enthusiastic faces in the water with you, sharing their passion and love for surfing and the ocean. What makes us unique is we see teaching surfing as the opportunity to share what we love. To us it’s not a job. What keeps us coming back is the smiles, laughs and excitement from students.

Thanks to that enthusiasm and love, we were the first to offer progressive camps, surf camps abroad and start the local Surf Club. Surf Sister also spearheaded Queen of the Peak, an all women’s surf competition, which originated in 2010 to showcase and celebrate the amazing female surf talent present here on the west coast.

Stop in at the main Surf Sister Shop for a coffee and chat. We’d love to share our stories and stoke with you.