Our Beautiful Home Tofino


About Tofino

Tofino is a remote fishing village turned surf town in the North-West Pacific. Situated on a peninsula within the Clayoquot Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island; this little town is the ultimate outdoor adventure waiting to happen.  Tofino is known for its breathtaking natural scenery which includes ancient rain forest and storm-swept beaches. Every type of adventure awaits you right within town. Be it surfing and whale watching or sampling local cuisine and handmade jewelry, Tofino has it all. A small town of around 2000 people has over 400 businesses to cater to your every need. Whether out on the water or walking along the beach you will see a wide range of wildlife including brightly colored sea stars, otters, sea lions and maybe even humpback or gray whales! A short drive will take you to the Pacific Rim National Park, which boasts beautiful surf beaches and nature trails.

As far as surfing, Tofino is a great place to start your surf career. The beaches are sand and have many different places to surf depending on your ability and the time of year. When learning to surf it is best to start in the white wash waves, which Tofino has all year round!


How to get to Tofino

There are several options when travelling to Tofino.  You can drive yourself along the windy mountain pass, catch a Tofino bus to enjoy the views or even fly in a small plane to our little airport located 15 minutes from town at Long beach! The Tourism Tofino website sums it up pretty good,  so here is the link to start planning your Tofino adventure:


Planning your trip

If you have any questions about our beautiful town feel free to contact tourism Tofino. Their website is very comprehensive, covering everything from food to accommodation, and what to do in between.


Perhaps you are on a tight schedule leading up to your trip, or only have a short time in Tofino? That is ok! Now available is a local concierge service to plan your whole trip! Never worry about missing out on secret spots or fun activities! Getrealtofino creates customized itineraries for your trip, depending on what your likes and dislikes are. Complete a quick survey and poof, a perfect Tofino getaway!